Apr 272019
Jagat Chatrath Labour candidate for Clarence ward

Dear Clarence Residents

There is a clear choice on 2 May, between continued austerity with the Tories or proper investment, fairness and change with Labour.

I am writing to ask you to vote for me as your Labour Candidate on Thursday 2 May.

Austerity isn’t over. It isn’t over for the kids who don’t have the text books they need in school. It’s not over for the young person still living at home, who can’t afford to move out. It’s not over for the patient left waiting in pain, their operation delayed once more. Nor is it over for the elderly person living in fear, because violent crime has doubled in 5 years.

Bringing austerity to an end starts with electing local leaders who have the courage to break with a strategy that’s not working for the many.

We must move quickly to protect and build upon what generations before us built – what belongs to us. Labour will rebuild our communities after years of austerity. We’ll make our high streets thrive again, with new and wider initiatives supporting local shops and small businesses. We won’t stand by while our park, library or police station is closed down or fall into neglect and disrepair, public assets sold off to private developers to build unaffordable homes in our City beyond the means of our essential workers.

With your support, I will bring decision-making back to where it belongs – the community. I want to see a St Albans that all residents can be truly proud of. As a long-term resident in Clarence, with strong community involvement locally and extensive experience of local government as a District Auditor, I will be a strong advocate for service improvements, speak up for our various and diverse local communities and seek to secure a better environment and facilities for our residents. We can – we have to – aspire to better.

Best Regards – Jagat Chatrath

19 B Brampton Rd, St Albans AL1 4PP, jagat.chatrath@virgin.net

Read our full manifesto at www.stalbanslabour.org.uk

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