Sep 222017

Local residents have raised concerns about buses leaving their engines running at bus stops in central St Albans. Idling buses release both CO2 (a greenhouse gas) and Nitrogen Dioxide (which increases the risk of respiratory disease). St Albans District Council recently ran a campaign encouraging car drivers to avoid idling, noting the adverse effects of air pollution. Local resident Marjorie Byers said, “On some longer routes schedules are not so easy to keep so buses arrive in St Albans early and idle in St Peter Street for up to 5 minutes (or more).” St Albans Labour councillor Malachy Pakenham commented, “The Labour Group view has always been to support the Council’s efforts to reduce pollution by encouraging all vehicle users to switch off engines when the vehicle is not in motion. This is particularly important in the town centre which suffers from high pollution levels”


St Peter’s Street

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