Aug 292017

Research by the Campaign for Fairer Gambling has shown the impact of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals on people in St Albans. These machines differ from traditional fruit machines found in pubs by allowing £100 to be gambled on a single spin. In the last 8 years it’s estimated that £11.6m was lost in St Albans and £16.8m lost in St Albans district as a whole on such machines. Last year alone almost two and a half million pounds were estimated to have been lost on FOBTs in St Albans district.

In our general election manifesto Labour promised to reduce the maximum stake from £100 to £2 and to increase the minimum time between spins to make these machines less addictive.

St Albans Labour Party Spokesperson and District Councillor Roma Mills said “With Fixed Odds Betting Terminals – people can place a £100 bet every 20 seconds and lose frightening amounts of money in a few minutes. FOTBs are dangerously addictive and cause real harm, often to vulnerable people and their families. The only gainers are the bookies and the Government – we don’t want to raise tax by causing such misery and the Labour Party is committed to taking action to stop it.”

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