Jun 162015

Labour Councillors have received numerous complaints about the state of the verges across the District and we have been in regular touch with Herts Highways to try to get the grass cut and some treatment to deal with the weeds!

The background is that until October last year, St Albans District Council used to carry out verge maintenance under agreement with the County Council and received a sum of money to do the work.  The District used to put in extra funding to deliver a good quality service but decided to cut back on that at the beginning of last year – given all the cuts in public spending.  That meant a reduced service last year – which also resulted in complaints – and so the District decided to hand the responsibility for maintaining the verges back to Hertfordshire County Council.

The County specification is that the grass should be less than 150mm long – if only it was – and does not include collection of mown grass or weed treatment.  Obviously the contractor has not delivered a service in line with the specification as in some area the grass has been almost knee high.  Councillors will be meeting with officers on 9 June to discuss how we can address the present problem and make sure that residents get a better service in future.  Continuing cuts in public services will not help to improve the situation.

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