Nov 222013

ed_m_bedroom_taxComments from St Albans’ Tory MP likening the bedroom tax to a fairy tale have provoked an angry response from local residents. Speaking in a debate organised by the opposition which culminated in a vote on whether to drop the highly controversial policy, Mrs Main left MPs bemused by saying “unicorns aren’t real, fairies aren’t real and the bedroom tax isn’t real”

The comments have provoked a furious reaction from local residents with some drawing unfavourable comparisons with Mrs Maine’s own expenses record. Local residents have joined Labour Parliamentary Candidate and former MP for St Albans Kerry Pollard in recording a short video on the policy, and are inviting residents to have their say on the bedroom tax by posting below;

Labour Parliamentary spokesperson for St Albans Kerry Pollard said;

“With hundreds of people locally feeling the effect of this policy, these comments are deeply misjudged. MPs had a chance to scrap this self defeating and destructive policy and they failed. While it continues families will struggle, pressure on housing stock continues, and in all likeliness housing benefit goes up as more people are housed in the private sector. It is shameful. The majority of people are opposed to this destructive and self defeating policy and its time the majority spoke up.”

If you think the Bedroom Tax is a reality, if you think its hurting communities and failing in its objectives, its time to say so. Please leave a reply below;



Sep 242013
Kerry Pollard joins party activists outside St Albans Abbey

Kerry Pollard joins party activists outside St Albans Abbey

Kerry Pollard has been selected to be Labour’s candidate to be the next MP for St Albans.

Hundreds of local Labour party members overwhelmingly selected Mr Pollard to be the party’s candidate in St Albans at the general election in 2015 at a special meeting in September. Mr Pollard was MP for the city between 1997 and 2005. Before that he was both a County Councillor for St Albans South and District Councillor for Sopwell ward and has been a prominent campaigner and charity worker for decades.

Labour Party figures heralded the start of a big push to win back the parliamentary seat as party members queued down the street to cast their ballot in the party’s selection at Mallborough Road Methodist church in the heart of the city centre.

Mr Pollard ran a selection campaign promising to campaign on the issues that matter to people in the City: housing, local hospitals, local schools, Railfrieght, more sustainable energy and travel policies and a bigger emphasis for the city to encourage tourism.

Speaking to a buoyant local party after the result Kerry said;

Kerry said ” I am humbled, and a bit choked at the support that I have received today. I won’t let you down and together we won’t let St Albans down. I know we can do it, and we’re ready for the challenge ahead”

Jul 042013

ballot-box2Labour had a successful night in the May 2013 County Council elections, making 12 gains across Hertfordshire and scoring two big wins in St Albans.

Roma Mills was returned as councillor for St Albans North and Dreda Gordon claimed The Colneys in a tightly fought race. Both seats were previously held by Liberal Democrats.

Across the county, however, it was the Conservatives who suffered most, losing 9 seats.

Newly elected Councillor Gordon said she was “absolutely delighted” with her win.  “It was one of our target seats so we knew there was a possibility of winning it but there is still quite a lot of variables, for example when UKIP joined the race.

“Labour have held The Colneys before so we knew it was doable but we knew there was a lot of work to do.”

She added: “Labour will certainly be more powerful opposition then we have been before and I think that is healthy for democracy.”

Your Labour councillors are already working for local residents, arguing for a fairer deal from the Conservative controlled council.

You can find full details of the election results on the County Coucnil website.


Jul 042013

Roma-HeathNewly-elected Labour County Councillor Roma Mills has got straight to work for the residents of St Albans North.

Roma has been speaking to officers at the County Council to press the case against development of the lower field on Bernards Heath. The Council are planning to sell off the field along with the adjacent Ariston Works site. Roma is campaigning for the site to remain as a precious green space.

Roma has also met with local police officers to discuss priorities for neighbourhood policing teams, and pushed for action to tackle speeding  and dangerous driving to remain high on the agenda. In particular, she drew the attention of the police to the concerns of residents about the situation on Beech Road, Marshalswick Lane and Sandridge Road.

Jul 272012

Andrew Dixon and St Peters Labour team have called for the speed limit on Sopwell Lane and Albert Street in St Albans to be reduced to 20 miles per hour. After hearing numerous stories from local people about the dangers of speeding traffic on the streets and the frequent damage caused to parked cars, Andrew has lead a campaign to get the District and County Council to deliver safer street for residents.

Earlier this year Andrew presented a petition with 98 signatures to the joint district and county council highways committee calling on them to reduce the speed limit and protect local people. The issue will finally come up for discussion this summer and Andrew is keen to hear from all those local people who have concerns about traffic. Continue reading »

Jul 272012

Responding to the demands of local people who are finding it increasingly difficult to park near their homes, the St Albans Labour Party has called on the District Council to abandon their piecemeal proposals for reform of the residents’ parking permit scheme and demanded that they conduct a full review of local needs. Branding the response from the Conservative leadership inadequate and out of touch with local people, Labour’s councillors and local community activists have said that they fear that a rare opportunity to help residents in the crowded city centre will be squandered.

“What we need, first, is a full review of the situation,” said Councillor Martin Leach, leader of the Labour group on the council. “The District Council leadership needs to take a proper look at what local residents and the community needs. They need to assess the real demand for parking space, the realistic amount of available space, the unique needs of each of the town’s areas and work out where and how more space can be created. In short, we need a long term strategic response not a half-baked scheme cobbled together withough paying attention to residents. What’s more, with the council due to begin drawing up a core strategy to guide planning over the coming decades, now is the right time to look at this. It may be many years before there is a better opportunity.” Continue reading »

Jul 152012

The St Albans Labour Party has launched a campaign to increase the number of affordable homes built in the District. The campaign seeks to commit the council to return to the target, first set in 1994, of building at least 200 homes every year. There are a record 1,800 families on the waiting list for Council housing this year – a number that grew by 300 in 2o10.

The response of the Conservative leadership of the District Council to the growing crisis has been dangerously inadequate. Instead of working harder to help ordinary families in need of decent housing, they have made the decision to reduce the building target into just 100 affordable houses per year as part of their new Local Plan. It is a decision that threatens to blight the lives of families and our community for years unless they can be persuaded to change their mind. Continue reading »

Jul 142012

Roma Mills scored a remarkable victory on Thursday, reclaiming the Batchwood District Council seat she lost just eighteen months ago. The bye-election victory saw local residents deliver a resounding victory for the popular local figure, she received 55 per cent  of the vote thanks to a 15 per cent swing to Labour, taking votes equally from Liberal Democrat and Conservative.

The Labour councillor said that, having held the position of local councillor for more than 20 years before losing the title at the 2010 district elections, she already has a good understanding of the issues affecting the area and its residents and the needs of local people Continue reading »