Sep 242013
Kerry Pollard joins party activists outside St Albans Abbey

Kerry Pollard joins party activists outside St Albans Abbey

Kerry Pollard has been selected to be Labour’s candidate to be the next MP for St Albans.

Hundreds of local Labour party members overwhelmingly selected Mr Pollard to be the party’s candidate in St Albans at the general election in 2015 at a special meeting in September. Mr Pollard was MP for the city between 1997 and 2005. Before that he was both a County Councillor for St Albans South and District Councillor for Sopwell ward and has been a prominent campaigner and charity worker for decades.

Labour Party figures heralded the start of a big push to win back the parliamentary seat as party members queued down the street to cast their ballot in the party’s selection at Mallborough Road Methodist church in the heart of the city centre.

Mr Pollard ran a selection campaign promising to campaign on the issues that matter to people in the City: housing, local hospitals, local schools, Railfrieght, more sustainable energy and travel policies and a bigger emphasis for the city to encourage tourism.

Speaking to a buoyant local party after the result Kerry said;

Kerry said ” I am humbled, and a bit choked at the support that I have received today. I won’t let you down and together we won’t let St Albans down. I know we can do it, and we’re ready for the challenge ahead”