Oct 232018
Read our members' group submission to the local plan consultation here...led by Gordon Baisley, our policy officer and Brian Parker one of our members.

St Albans Labour Party Group Submission to the St Albans Draft Local Plan 2020-26 Public Consultation, Sept-Oct 2018 Members of the St Albans Labour Party met on 3rd August 2018 to consider the soundness of key policies in the St Albans Draft Local Plan, during its Regulation 19 Consultation, Sept-Oct 2018. The Council’s consultation notes suggest that [Read more…]

Sep 172018

A local rough sleeper has contacted Roma Mills asking about a decision taken at the Plans South Committee to refuse an application for some additional units on a housing association site in London Colney.  Roma would be pleased to discuss this with the person concerned if he can provide her with a phone number to [Read more…]

Apr 262018
Why vote Labour on 3rd May in St Albans District Council elections? to protect public services and send a message about the need to end austerity.

  St Albans Labour Councillors reject 5.8% Council Tax Hike Labour leader Roma Mills has blasted the Tory and Lib Dem obsession with austerity that has cost St Albans millions of pounds.She says “Local residents, even in an affluent place like St Albans, can see the results of eight years of the Tory obsession with [Read more…]

Apr 202018

I am writing to you as the CLP’s black and ethnic minorities officer. The debate on anti-semitism in the House of Commons on 17 April 2018 has shown a deeply felt disquiet about anti-semitism and the abuse and threats that dedicated parliamentarians have experienced. Watching and hearing from those who contributed to the debate, I [Read more…]

Apr 172018
Home Office treatment of long term UK residents "appalling"...so put it right NOW, Amber Rudd.

Recent changes to immigration law in the UK, which requires people to have documentation to work, rent a property or access benefits, has highlighted a serious issue affecting long-term residents from the Commonwealth and has left many people fearful about their status to live in the UK and the right of access to, e.g, NHS care.Many [Read more…]

Apr 152018
Labour for St Albans 2018 : Working for the Many and not the Few

Labour candidates across the City and District are campaigning against the Government’s austerity drive which has cost St Albans millions of pounds and led directly to cuts in public services and a massive hike in Council tax Labour leader Roma Mills has blasted the Conservative and Coalition Governments’ obsession with reducing the public sector that [Read more…]

Apr 102018
In Ashley ward, send a message to the government on May 3rd, vote for Jagat Chatrath, Labour.

“Everyone should make sure they vote. There is no room for apathy. Don’t sit back and think there’s no point or it’s someone else’s responsibility. Austerity is a Conservative choice not an economic necessity. It’s time to send a strong message to the government—we have had enough. I urge you to vote Labour” Jagat has [Read more…]

Mar 232018
Verulam Ward....vote Labour on 3rd May....vote for Gordon Baisley

l Gordon Baisley is our candidate in Verulam ward Labour in St Albans is committed to campaigning for: Increased funding for the NHS and investment in the staff and premises to deliver the services we need. A Brexit deal that protects jobs and citizens rights for all UK residents Protection of funding for local services such [Read more…]