Mar 152018
Your Labour councillors work hard to meet the community's needs despite budget cuts.

Councillor Roma Mills with playground and sports equipment your Labour councillors worked to provide in Batchwood. Tweet

Mar 062018

PUBLICISED AT THE REQUEST OF YOUR LABOUR COUNCILLORS IN ST ALBANS OPEN MEETING ST ALBANS AND HARPENDEN PATIENT GROUP (SAPG) Wednesday 21st March, 7pm at St Albans civic centre “St Albans Minor Injuries Unit to Urgent Treatment Centre”…speaker Dr Richard Pile. Have you ever wondered why St Albans has a Minor Injuries Unit,Hemel Hempstead has [Read more…]

Mar 022018
Our Black and Ethnic Minorities officer asks SADC some questions

Addressing disparities and equality gaps in St Albans The feature is based on the Council’s response to my enquiries.The Race Disparity Audit Report published by the government last year recognised that: “There are disparities between ethnic groups in all areas of life affected by public organisations.Some are more pronounced than others or have a greater [Read more…]

Feb 272018
The blame lies with the Tory government

Labour’s alternative budget for Hertfordshire Sharon Taylor, Labour County Councillor for Stevenage Bedwell, introducing Labour’s amendment to the Tory budget for the county for 2018/9, put the blame for the cuts squarely on the Tory government. “We recognise the impossible position the council has been placed in by its own government,” she said. “The appalling [Read more…]

Feb 272018
St Albans Conservative councillors duck issues raised by NHS changes

Top-down changes in how the NHS operates with the introduction of Sustainable Transformation Partnerships which have already linked  Hertfordshire with West Essex – and the heralded development of Accountable Care Organisations without any consultation or parliamentary oversight are causing concern nationally and locally. In a move to highlight these developments Councillor Roma Mills moved amendments [Read more…]

Feb 272018
St Albans Labour councillors win cross party support for council housing

Discounts of up to £78,600 are encouraging the ongoing sale of Council house – and the stock of homes in St Albans District has now reduced to under 5,000. Speaking at the meeting of the Full Council on 21 February, Labour’s Roma Mills pointed out that The District Council was not able to replace the [Read more…]

Feb 272018
St Albans Labour councillors reject 5.8% council tax hike as no solution

Residents of St Albans will be facing an increase of 5.8% in their Council Tax bills in April 2018 without seeing the benefit of new or improved services, claimed Councillor Roma Mills at the District Council meeting on 21 February. She slammed the increase in the Police and Crime Commissioner’s share of the tax when [Read more…]

Nov 012017
St Albans MP sides with wealthy offshore companies

Attempts led by Labour to close a loophole that allows offshore companies to avoid capital gains tax on UK properties were defeated on Tuesday with the help of St Albans MP Anne Main. Offshore companies are currently exempt from paying capital gains tax on the sale of UK commercial property. A new clause in the [Read more…]

Oct 062017
Theresa May's social housing pledge isn't enough

In her disastrous Conservative Party Conference speech, Theresa May announced the government would fund an extra 5000 homes for social rent every year. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the dire need for more affordable homes across the country. In St Albans alone there are almost 800 families on the council housing [Read more…]