Glenys Vaughan

Apr 272019
Jagat Chatrath Labour candidate for Clarence ward

Dear Clarence Residents

There is a clear choice on 2 May, between continued austerity with the Tories or proper investment, fairness and change with Labour.

I am writing to ask you to vote for me as your Labour Candidate on Thursday 2 May.

Austerity isn’t over. It isn’t over for the kids who don’t have the text books they need in school. It’s not over for the young person still living at home, who can’t afford to move out. It’s not over for the patient left waiting in pain, their operation delayed once more. Nor is it over for the elderly person living in fear, because violent crime has doubled in 5 years.

Bringing austerity to an end starts with electing local leaders who have the courage to break with a strategy that’s not working for the many.

We must move quickly to protect and build upon what generations before us built – what belongs to us. Labour will rebuild our communities after years of austerity. We’ll make our high streets thrive again, with new and wider initiatives supporting local shops and small businesses. We won’t stand by while our park, library or police station is closed down or fall into neglect and disrepair, public assets sold off to private developers to build unaffordable homes in our City beyond the means of our essential workers.

With your support, I will bring decision-making back to where it belongs – the community. I want to see a St Albans that all residents can be truly proud of. As a long-term resident in Clarence, with strong community involvement locally and extensive experience of local government as a District Auditor, I will be a strong advocate for service improvements, speak up for our various and diverse local communities and seek to secure a better environment and facilities for our residents. We can – we have to – aspire to better.

Best Regards – Jagat Chatrath

19 B Brampton Rd, St Albans AL1 4PP,

Read our full manifesto at

Apr 202019


I note that in his letter to the Herts Advertiser (New Hospital Fight, Thursday April 18, 2019) John Wigley, Chairman of the St Albans and Harpenden Patient Group challenges each of the political parties to write to the Herts Advertiser stating its views about the future of local hospitals.

It may therefore be helpful to know that at the meeting of the St Albans District Council on 20 February 2019, the Labour group moved a motion asserting our support for the retention of the City Hospital.  This was amended by the Conservative group to include mention of Harpenden Memorial Hospital and was passed unanimously reading as follows:

“This Council notes the current public engagement on the future of hospital services in West Hertfordshire and the options under consideration. This Council recognises the importance of retaining local accessible services in the three major population centres in the west of the county and therefore calls upon the Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group and the West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust to retain a range of health service provision at St Albans City Hospital including planned surgery, an Urgent Treatment Centre, Midwife-led services, out-patient and diagnostic services.

This Council also notes that the provision of a Health and Wellbeing Hub at the Harpenden Memorial Hospital site has been on the agenda for nearly 10 years, and that after lengthy consultations has been accepted as an important part of the way to deliver local outpatients, diagnostic and wellbeing services to our ageing population and families in the north of the District. We therefore call upon all the NHS Commissioners in the area to work together to bring about this much needed resource.”

The local Labour Party recognises the urgent need to upgrade acute hospital services in the west of the county but considers it vital that we retain a range of services within this District to allow ease of access for many of our residents who struggle to get to other NHS sites.  We have campaigned consistently on this position and launched an online (and paper) survey so that residents can demonstrate their support.  The online petition can be reached at .

Yours faithfully

Roma Mills

St Albans District  Labour Group leader

Apr 082019

Richard Harris was born in St Albans and has lived all his life in the city. He has lived in Marshalswick South for forty years and his children and now his grandchildren attend local schools. Richard, now retired from his work as a Business Management Systems Manager for a major international consultancy, will dedicate his time to working for the residents of Marshalswick South. Being such a long term resident he understands the concerns of many residents on the growing traffic problems which include the speed of traffic, pollution and the residents parking schemes which are now simply moving cars form the centre onto other roads in the area creating many problems there.  The Bernards Heath play area is enjoyed by very many local children but still there are no play areas off Valley Road for the local children who live in the large estate there.

Apr 082019
Iain Grant

Iain Grant represented Sopwell Ward as a District Councillor from 2014 to 2018. Having lived in the ward for over 20 years, he is passionate about ensuring the District Council plays its full part in supporting and empowering our community. As councillor, he fought to get the Cottonmill level crossing reopened in 2015 and subsequently to keep it open, worked to get a proper surface laid for the nearby Leyland Avenue/Alban Way footpath, and was also very involved in ensuring delivery of the play area on Holyrood Crescent. He strongly supports the efforts by the CASH group to achieve a proper community hub for Sopwell.

Apr 082019

Mark Ewington is married with 3
children, and he is proud to live in the St Peters ward he is seeking to represent. He works as a freelance Probation Officer, and he is an active member of the National Association of Probation Officers. He is also a facilitator in the Caring Dads programme in Hertfordshire and has worked to challenge and rehabilitate perpetrators of domestic abuse for many years. He has many interests including history, golf and Krav Maga. A passionate anti-racist, Mark is concerned about addressing homelessness (a particularly noticeable issue in our ward), helping low-income families and improving facilities for young people locally and nationally. He has recently opposed the expansion of gated communities and has consulted local residents about parking issues, as a result of which he is currently supporting a local residents’ petition on parking issues at Telford Court.

Apr 082019

Michael Bartlet is a mediator and university lecturer in Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution at SOAS London.He is a volunteer community mediator and trustee of Mediation Hertfordshire.He is married with two children and has lived in Verulam Ward, St Albans, since 2004. Michael also writes for Open Democracy on Under 18s in the Armed Forces, Votes for Prisoners and Parliament’s role in implementing the EU Referendum.

Michael has taught in schools, colleges and adult education including for the WEA and British Council in Ecuador. He worked as Parliamentary Officer for Quakers in Britain (1996 to 2013) and as a trustee of the Refugee Council to 2005 to 2010. His priorities in representing Verulam ward are to ensure the District Council is firm in its negotiations with Affinity Water to preserve and enhance the unique chalk stream environment of the River Ver; to press for a Fairness Commission to review the services it offers to all residents; and to see the Council taking effective action to bring empty properties back into use.

Apr 082019
Eileen Harris

Eileen Harris has been a district councillor for Sopwell ward for 16 years. During that time she has served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and worked hard to raise the profile of Sopwell.

She has secured improvements to neglected areas like the green space next to the ruins and the Holyrood Crescent children’s play area. Thanks to her efforts, we now have bus shelters or benches for most bus stops.