Apr 152018

Labour candidates across the City and District are campaigning against the Government’s austerity drive which has cost St Albans millions of pounds and led directly to cuts in public services and a massive hike in Council tax

Labour leader Roma Mills has blasted the Conservative and Coalition Governments’ obsession with reducing the public sector that has stripped funding from local services and left hundreds worse off.  At the Council Budget-making meeting she blamed central government dogma that has wiped away millions of pounds earmarked to help the most vulnerable,  “Back in 2010 At Albans District Council received over £7m from the government out of general taxation.  It’s been whittled down every year since and next year will amount to one big fat nothing.”

Nearly a decade of Tory and LibDem austerity is now resulting in wholesale reductions in services across the public sector with the loss of the last two rehabilitation wards at our hospital, the pulling of funding from Nascot Lawn, local libraries closing, social care in crisis, rising homelessness and ever more families depending on food banks.  We no longer have a police station in our District, our schools’ budgets are being squeezed and people are being asked to ‘crowd fund’ to renew our play areas.

That is why Roma and her Labour colleagues voted against the Council’s budget and the inflation-busting increase in Council tax.  People are being askd to pay more for less.  A vote for Labour on 3 May will send a powerful message to Government that we have had enough.


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