Feb 272018

Residents of St Albans will be facing an increase of 5.8% in their Council Tax bills in April 2018 without seeing the benefit of new or improved services, claimed Councillor Roma Mills at the District Council meeting on 21 February. She slammed the increase in the Police and Crime Commissioner’s share of the tax when there is no longer a police station in the city – just a telephone line outside the Council offices – and residents have to go to Hatfield or Watford to report a crime in person.

Roma also commented on the County Council’s decision to raise their share of the tax by 5.9% – pointing out that while 3% is ring-fenced for social services, people are having to pay higher charges for their social care support while services continue to be cut back.

‘Council tax payers are just picking up some of the bill for the Conservative Government’s underfunding of public services’ said Roma after the meeting ‘while residents are also being asked to support crowd-funding and sponsorship to maintain local services like playgrounds. This is what austerity means in practice.’
The District Labour Group voted against the increase in Council tax for 2018/19.

For information contact Roma Mills, 07949825026.

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