Feb 272018

Top-down changes in how the NHS operates with the introduction of Sustainable Transformation Partnerships which have already linked  Hertfordshire with West Essex – and the heralded development of Accountable Care Organisations without any consultation or parliamentary oversight are causing concern nationally and locally.

In a move to highlight these developments Councillor Roma Mills moved amendments to a motion debated at a meeting of St Albans District Council on 21 February.  ‘It’s a great relief to know that  Professor Stephen Hawking has been granted a full judicial review of the Government’s plan to introduce Accountable Care Organisations in the UK’ Roma said   ‘As Professor Hawking has pointed out, They have not been established by statute, and they appear to be being used for reducing public expenditure, for cutting services and for allowing private companies to receive and benefit from significant sums of public money for organising and providing services.

‘We are now hearing that this new system of providing health and social care services could be introduced in Hertfordshire and West Essex in 2019.  We need to understand what is being proposed and how this will affect services for local people.  Although the Conservatives have blocked this at District level, the Labour Party will continue asking questions until we get some real answers.’

For information contact Roma Mills, 07949825026.

Wording of amendment at Full Council on 21/02/2018:

This Council:

Congratulated Professor Stephen Hawking and colleagues from the campaign group JR4NHS for securing permission to apply for a judicial review of government policy on the introduction of Accountable Care Organisations in the NHS and notes that the case will decide whether the policy is ultra vires and/or whether the Secretary of State for Health and/or NHS England have breached their duties of transparency and clarity in respect of the policy/

Seeks urgent discussion with representatives of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership to clarify reports and that Partnership is proposing to establish an Accountable Care System across the whole STP footprint by a 1 April 2019. (Note the term Integrated Care System is being introduced to replace Accountable Care System.)


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