Jul 272012

Andrew Dixon and St Peters Labour team have called for the speed limit on Sopwell Lane and Albert Street in St Albans to be reduced to 20 miles per hour. After hearing numerous stories from local people about the dangers of speeding traffic on the streets and the frequent damage caused to parked cars, Andrew has lead a campaign to get the District and County Council to deliver safer street for residents.

Earlier this year Andrew presented a petition with 98 signatures to the joint district and county council highways committee calling on them to reduce the speed limit and protect local people. The issue will finally come up for discussion this summer and Andrew is keen to hear from all those local people who have concerns about traffic.

“Anyone who knows the area, knows that some drivers are simply driving too fast,” Andrew said. “They’re causing damage and they’re endangering the people who live and work in this part of St Albans. We want to encourage drivers to behave responsibly and to respect the rights of residents.”

Labour in St Albans has long-championed residents’ calls for 20mph limits on residential roads, and the campaign is beginning to bear fruit. Work has now begun on implementing the 20mph zone in the ‘Cathedral quarter’, which includes the Aboyne area of St Peters.

Andrew told us: “I do believe 20mph zones offer a way forward. They can create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone. And I know from speaking to residents across the ward, that there is support for a reduced speed limit in other areas.

“Where this is what residents want, I am committed to working with them to bring this about. If you think 20’s plenty for your street, get in touch with me at stpeterslabour@gmail.com.”

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