Jul 152012

The St Albans Labour Party has launched a campaign to increase the number of affordable homes built in the District. The campaign seeks to commit the council to return to the target, first set in 1994, of building at least 200 homes every year. There are a record 1,800 families on the waiting list for Council housing this year – a number that grew by 300 in 2o10.

The response of the Conservative leadership of the District Council to the growing crisis has been dangerously inadequate. Instead of working harder to help ordinary families in need of decent housing, they have made the decision to reduce the building target into just 100 affordable houses per year as part of their new Local Plan. It is a decision that threatens to blight the lives of families and our community for years unless they can be persuaded to change their mind.

This Saturday, 19th November, the local Labour Party will launch a campaign to force the Conservatives to change their mind and to reinstate the goal of building 200 affordable houses every year.

If you agree with us that your Council, of whichever political persuasion, should make the provision of decent housing for local people a top priority, please visit us at our stall in St Peter’s Street this Saturday and sign our petition. If you can’t make it, you can still help put a roof over a family’s head by visiting our petition online at: (web address). Alternatively – or additionally – please contact your local Councillors (each ward has at least two and their contact details are on the Council website), and ask them to support a return to the policy of building at least 200 affordable homes each year.


You can sign the petition in person, visit the Labour Party stall in St Peter’s Street this Saturday and show your support for families who need decent housing, or you can sign online.

Sign the pettition and help build a better young people and families in St Albans.

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