Jul 142012

Roma Mills scored a remarkable victory on Thursday, reclaiming the Batchwood District Council seat she lost just eighteen months ago. The bye-election victory saw local residents deliver a resounding victory for the popular local figure, she received 55 per cent  of the vote thanks to a 15 per cent swing to Labour, taking votes equally from Liberal Democrat and Conservative.

The Labour councillor said that, having held the position of local councillor for more than 20 years before losing the title at the 2010 district elections, she already has a good understanding of the issues affecting the area and its residents and the needs of local people

Speaking this morning, she said she was pleased to have the chance to serve the local community once more. Councillor Mills said: “Being councillor for area was a big and important part of my life for many years, so I am glad I’ve got another chance to be able to speak up for Batchwood.

“There are a lot of issues I am already familiar with and after speaking to residents on the doorstep it is clear some of them are still a problem.”

Councillor Mills pointed out that issues related to traffic, particularly the availability of parking and worries about speeding, continued to be an issue for local residents and that, while campaigning, she it has become clear that there is widespread concern about the long-term impact of budget cuts and the strategy being pursued by the Conservative leadership of the District Council.

She added: “Planning is always a big issue generally. But Batchwood has always been vulnerable to infill developments cropping up here and there. It can become uncomfortable, so that is something to keep an eye on.”

Election result

Mills, Roma Labour Party 1005 55%
Partridge, David Liberal Democrats 395 22%
Smith, Tim Conservative Party 347 19%
Love, Naomi Green Party 76 4%
Turnout 33%

Labour’s campaign team were pleased with the result, in which the party took an 8 per cent swing from both the Lib Dems and the Conservative party and a 15 per cent swing from 2010 when Roma Mills last contested the seat.

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